Friday, July 6, 2012

I'm engaged!

Steve Staley and Myself

The ring :)

OK, so I feel bad that most of you haven't even met this guy or even knew I was dating someone so I better do a formal introduction of my mystery guy, so here it goes!

So, I'll be completely honest here cause you are my family right?? We met online...I had just moved to Vegas and he was down working in Alamo. Aunt Machelle had convinced me to try out a dating website so I thought, what the heck, why not! For the first little while I didn't do anything with it, just browsed other profiles and that was about it. Well one day I ran into his profile. He was working in Alamo, (he thought it was funny that I even knew where that was...but honestly that is one thing that intrigued me the most!) was a journeyman lineman (uh... he'd fit right in with the family!) and was a country boy/farmer from Southern Idaho. So I sent a little "wink" that basically meant I was interested in maybe chatting. He emailed back the next day and we took it from there. 

The whole Internet dating thing was kind of weird for me, and I still feel really weird telling people that is how we met, but it worked out for us and that is all that matters. He was the only one I ever met, or even ever emailed. I got really lucky. We waited a month before we met, and just talked on the phone for that time. We dated for a couple months before he had to move back to Idaho, and we've been doing the long distance thing since than. He met my immediate family pretty early, and went to the beach house with the Dodenbier side and spent a whole week with us. He handled it like a champ I thought!

So a little background on him. He's from Burley, ID but currently lives in Oakley, ID which is about 20 minutes away from Burley. He is the only child of his Mom, but his Dad had two kids before with his first wife. His half brothers are several years older than him though and he hasn't seen them for years. His dad died back in 2006 so now it is just him and his mom. He's a convert to the church and got baptized when he was 18. After graduation from high school he went straight to lineman school and has been building line ever since. When he isn't building line (mostly the summer/fall months) he works on a farm that his best friend owns growing spuds, sugar beets, and grain. He also loves to go stormin'. So when there are lots of people out of power after a big storm there is a good chance he gets to go be a hero and restore power to those people. In fact he is in West Virginia doing that very thing right now. He also loves to snowmobile and hunt!

We got engaged on June 23rd at his property in Star Valley Wyoming, where we hope to build a house one day. We are getting married November 17th in St. George temple, and than will also have a reception down in Bunkerville that night and up in Burley on December 1st. But you will all get announcements later about that! I am so excited about this next chapter in my life. He is such a good guy and treats me like a princess. I am such a lucky girl to have found a good one, finally! I know I had a lot of you wondering if I ever would find a good one :) Now I just have some catching up to do to the rest of you. Hopefully you all get to meet him soon. I am super happy, and Love him lots and lots!

I hope everyone doesn't feel so in the dark now! I would love to see everyone at the reception, but I know life gets crazy! I have such an amazing, supportive, funny, talented family that I am so glad I am apart off! Love you all! -BettyJo