Tuesday, January 29, 2013

These were so cute

In November I was running a bit bored so I thought these might be a fun gift for the Grand kids for Christmas.  I knew they would be incredibly labor intensive but I had a bunch of time.  Soo...  Then the church decided to let the Sisters go on missions at 19 and all of a sudden my little part time job went to a 25 plus work week.  I was pretty crazy by the time I got finished with the pillows, but they were so fun.

The patterns for the pillows came from a "Art to Heart" book.  
The Book is titled Curiosities and Mischief by Nancy Halvorsen

First part was the hardest: the choosing of the fabric and the design for the pillow.  I wanted to used only the fabric I had in my stash and so it was hard plus the fact that I always have a hard time with deciding.

Second you applique the decorations and the names on the pillow top, I used wonder under and then appliqued on the sewing machine.  I added lace, ruffles, rick rack, buttons and even hoho's.  It was really fun to be so creative.

Third you put in batting and quilt the tops,

Fourth you trim it to fit pillow.  Make the bottom of the pillow so you have a slit to insert the pillow and sew top and bottom together.

I ended up doing 13 of these for Christmas and all of them were different.

 The boys were not as excited as the girls...  Oh well.  They still were fun.

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  1. They will always remember you made those! Super cute. Im dying over the ric rack. So much work!